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Rehabilitation Services


Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Following illness, injury or surgery, PPH Rehabilitation Services can help you realize your full potential ... So you can be you again as quickly as possible.

Our comprehensive rehabilitation program includes diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic services designed to maximize functioning and return you to your physical best.

PPH physical, occupational and speech therapists provide hands-on care, working with you through exercise, equipment, education and self-management techniques.

Our rehabilitation programs can help with conditions such as:

• Brain injury • Joint pain
• Parkinson’s Disease • Sports injuries
• Stroke • Tendonitis
• Back & neck pain • Arthritis
• Carpal tunnel syndrome • Headaches
• Nerve compression • TMJ (jaw pain)

We also offer several specialized programs, administered by physical, occupational and speech therapists who have received training or certification in the following areas:

Balance disorders
                      – Diagnostic testing, assessment and treatment for dizziness, imbalance and vertigo
Hand therapy
                     – Evaluation and treatment of repetitive strain injuries, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve compression and hand injuries. Includes customized splint fabrication
Lymphedema management 
                    – Manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, skin care and education
Occupational injuries
                    – Worksite analysis and safety instruction, functional capacity evaluations, and modified back-to-work programs.
Speech, language & swallowing disorders
                   – Testing and treatment of pediatric and adult articulation, language, swallowing, memory and voice disorders
Women’s health
                  – Pregnancy and post-partum pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, sexual pain and osteoporosis

PPH Rehabilitation Services

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