Initial Consultation

Where does Dr. Revesz see patients?

She sees all of her patients at Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center located at 15611 Pomerado Road. 1stfloor, Suite 106. Poway, CA 92064. Click here for directions and hours of consultation.

How do I schedule and prepare for my initial consultation?

Call 858.613.6140 for initial visit appointment. The scheduling coordinators will determine the reason for the consultation and schedule you accordingly. They will also instruct you on what to bring to the consultation and what needs to be delivered to Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center prior to your initial visit (breast imaging and pathology slides from other institutions and their complete reports).

What can I expect on the day of my initial consultation?

The front desk will review your paperwork, make sure it is complete and signed. The Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center is a private institution that focuses on patient health and healing. Here you will see and be examined only by the people that are directly implicated in your care such as nurse practitioner, nurse, nurse navigator or physician assistant . I will then see you, review your medical history, examine you, answer your questions and together we'll develop a plan that you're comfortable with and which is based on sound principles.

Does the Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center have a Patient Navigator?

Yes. Soon after you schedule an appointment for the evaluation and treatment of a newly diagnosed breast cancer a Patient Navigator will call you. They will assist you in making appointments, understanding the evaluation and treatment process and provide social support.

Who will coordinate additional testing, consultations, preoperative testing, surgery scheduling?

Our staff Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center will help arrange any additional imaging, biopsies and consultations necessary prior to surgery. It is quite common that additional studies are necessary before I can make a final recommendation and the Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center staff will help coordinate this process. Please remember that you are in charge of your care and need to play an active role in your evaluation and treatment process.

What about Insurance?

The front desk will make a copy of your insurance card and have you sign release forms for billing purposes. It is ultimately the responsibility of the patient to confirm insurance eligibility and that all procedures are pre-certified according to your insurance company's rules. If your insurance plan requires co-pay you will make that at the completion of the visit on checkout with cash, check or credit card.