HOUSE CALLS: Role of Breast Surgeon

Q: My mammogram six months ago was fine, but I recently felt a lump in my right
breast and my doctor wants me to see a breast surgeon. What can I expect?

A: Discovering a breast lump can be scary, especially after a normal mammogram.
Approximately four out of five reported breast lumps are caused by non-cancerous
changes in breast tissue. However, an accurate diagnosis is needed to assure that you
have access to early treatment, especially if the lump is cancerous.

The role of the breast surgeon is to help you through all aspects of treatment, from
initial exams, diagnostic imaging and biopsy to surgery and long-term follow-up care.
Discovering a breast lump is an emotional experience and I believe it is important to help
patients receive personalized treatment in a timely manner.

At the Jean McLaughlin Women’s Center for Health and Healing, we have state-of-the-
art diagnostic capabilities and professional expertise to help patients through treatment
and recovery. Our nurse navigator facilitates every step by scheduling appointments,
answering questions and keeping each patient on track with the treatment plan.

Treating breast cancer starts with diagnostic imaging, followed by a core needle biopsy to
determine if the mass is benign or malignant. I will explain those results to you and offer
treatment options. Together, we will decide the type of surgery to do and discuss further
treatment based on the results of the surgical pathology. Because we work closely with
medical and radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons and other specialists, we can help
arrange necessary consultations and will continue to follow your treatment progression to
assure that you are supported through your journey to renewed health.

For more information about the Jean McLaughlin Women’s Center for Health and
Healing, visit www.pph.org.