Day of Surgery

How do I know where and when to report on the day of surgery?

The PPH operating room staff will notify you the day before surgery and give you specific instructions. You must follow instructions closely in terms of appointment times and diet instructions or you risk having your surgery cancelled. You can also find general instructions by clicking here.

What happens on the day of surgery?

You will report either to the Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center (if you need wire localization prior to surgery) or to the Pomerado Hospital surgical floor (you'll receive specific instructions the day prior to surgery). The nursing staff will register you and place an IV. The anesthesia team will evaluate you and my surgical team and I will talk to you, make sure all consents are signed and answer any remaining questions. Your family may be with you in the preoperative area and they will wait in the family waiting area during surgery. The Plastic Surgery team may also see you prior to surgery if you are having immediate reconstruction.

What if I'm having a Sentinel Node Biopsy?

If you're having a sentinel node biopsy the Nuclear Medicine staff will inject the radioactive dye in the breast skin while you're in the preoperative area. The blue dye will be injected once you're sedated in the operating room.
Who is part of the operating room team?

Dr. Revesz is in charge of your surgery and is present for 100% of the operation. There will also be 2 or 3 nurses and the anesthesia team helping.
What kind of anesthesia will I have and how long does it take to wake up?

If you're having a mastectomy you will have a general anesthesia and you will be in the recovery area for about 2 hours before going up to your hospital room. If you're having a lumpectomy or simple biopsy you'll most likely receive monitored anesthesia care (MAC), also known as twilight anesthesia. With a MAC you wake very quickly and usually go home in 1-1/2 hours. Often when MAC patients wake up they ask "when are we going to start" and we're already done!
Will someone talk to my family or friends after surgery?

Yes, Dr. Revesz will personally talk with your family and friends after surgery and let them know how the surgery went and what was found. During longer cases a nurse will often call out to the waiting room to provide the family with a progress report.