About Breast Cancer

Introduction to Breast Cancer

If you were recently diagnosed with breast cancer, remain calm. Most of the anxiety stems form the unknown that you are facing. Dr Revesz and the staff at Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center will educate you, empower you and make this experience a manageable one. We will do our best to keep your evaluation and treatment on track. This section will help you gather the necessary information, get appropriate tests and consultations, and make informed and timely decisions.
In some cases the treatment of breast cancer takes a longer time.  Breast cancer is “not a medical emergency it is an emotional one”1 so that means you do have time to get the right treatment. We need to make sure we have all the information to make sound decisions about the treatments that are available to you. There are several steps in the treatment and you will need to navigate through them. Dr Revesz at the time of your first appointment will give you a personalized “road map” so you will know what you need to do and when to do it.
Remember, you are your own strongest advocate.

Researching Breast Cancer
Using the internet for breast cancer research is encouraged. Finding the good sites to learn from can be challenging. Use the links under Online resources where you will find a list of trusted web sites.

Getting Second Opinions
Sometimes your insurance company requires a second opinion or you may just want reassurance that you're embarking on the right treatment path. We're very supportive of second opinions and will provide any necessary test results required by the institution providing the second opinion.
Stages of Treatment for Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients:
1. A Consultation Is Scheduled Through the Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center for Health and Healing.
  • Call the Center at 858.613.6120 to schedule your appointment. The call center staff will gather basic information and give you instructions on how to prepare for your initial consultation.

  • Complete the history and physical form that will be sent to your e-mail account or you can click here to download it. Print the the form and bring the printed version to your consultation. If you do not have email you will complete the form in the office. If you plan on completing the paperwork at the time of your appointment we recommend you arrive one hour prior to your scheduled appointment, this way you will have enough time to finish the paperwork without rushing.

2. Breast Imaging and Pathology Review Is Performed
  • It is important that your pathology slides and breast imaging studies are reviewed by our breast specialists prior to your visit. The review will take about one week after the studies arrive at our facility. Pathologists will confirm the pathology diagnosis and breast radiologists will determine if additional breast imaging studies are necessary before making a final recommendation.

  • Please click here to download, print, and complete the Outside Films Checklist.
    It contains an itemized list and instructions for obtaining medical information like mammograms. This will help the treatment process run as smoothly as possible.

  • Ideally, any additional imaging that is recommended by our radiologists should be completed prior to your initial consultation with Dr. Revesz.

3. Initial Consultation with Dr. Revesz
  • You will meet with Dr. Revesz at the Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center for Health and Healing located in the Pomerado outpatient pavilion at 15611 Pomerado Road, 1st floor, Suite 106. Poway, CA. 92064.

  • Bring completed History Packet to the consultation. There is a pre-operative checklist that you can downolad here and use to check off the tasks as you complete them

  • You will check in at the front desk where demographic and insurance information will be confirmed. All forms will be checked for completion.

  • You will meet with Dr. Revesz as well as other staff such as medical assistants, Dr Revesz’s nurse and/or nurse navigator.

  • Dr. Revesz will review your imaging studies, pathology results, examine you and review your options. We'll use worksheets, timelines, imaging studies and possibly photos to help illustrate our recommendations and explain the reasons for them. It is always helpful to bring someone with you.

  • If you require additional breast imaging studies before making a final recommendation the Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center staff will help coordinate their timely scheduling.

  • You'll have ample opportunities to ask questions from Dr. Revesz and the Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center staff during and after your consultation.

4. Surgery
  • Once all studies have been completed and a final treatment decision is made the Jean Mc Laughlin Women’s Center staff will coordinate the scheduling process.

  • Prior to scheduling surgery you may require:

- Plastic surgery consultation for immediate reconstruction options
- Medical clearance for surgery
- Consultation with medical and/or radiation oncology
- Oncofertility program consultation
- Cancer Genetics program consultation
  • The Breast Center staff will work with you to optimize scheduling. Please realize that the entire pre-operative evaluation can take three weeks or even longer. If you're undergoing immediate reconstruction the surgery date will need to be coordinated with the plastic surgery team.

  • The final operating room schedule is not available until the day before surgery. Hospital staff will call and tell you when to arrive to the hospital where the surgery will take place and they will give you special preoperative instructions. You must follow instructions closely, especially diet instructions.

  • Failing to follow the pre-operative instructions or diet restrictions, or arriving late, may force us to reschedule your surgery for another date.

  • Please be patient. The times you are given are an approximation. Delays can and do occur because preceding operations may take longer than expected for a variety of reasons.

  • You will be given post-operative instructions and a prescription for pain medications on discharge

  • Dr. Revesz will call you with the pathology results usually within four to five days of surgery. The need for special studies may further delay results.

5. Postoperative Care
  • Please refer to and familiarize yourself with the Post-Operative Instructions.

  • Prior to your surgery you may schedule a follow-up post-operative appointment to see Dr. Revesz about one-and-a-half to two weeks after surgery. We'll examine the incisions, remove drains if present and once again review the pathology results. We'll also plan any further recommended evaluations or treatment.

  • You will most likely need to see a medical oncologist and/or a radiation oncologist for further treatment. You may schedule these appointments prior to surgery but allow a minimum of one week between surgery and your appointment (pathology results need to be available). You may see the oncologist of your choice or we'll recommend one for you. Most physicians that we collaborate are on a list that will be available to you.

  • You will be followed closely over the next five years by all of your oncologists. The next appointment with Dr. Revesz after your postoperative check will be six months later.

1) Dr Kevin Bethke Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery, Northwestern University Chicago