Dr. Elizabeth Revesz

Elizabeth Revesz, M.D.

Breast Cancer Surgeon, South New Jersey

I am a breast surgeon; I have trained in this profession and focused my interest and clinical practice in breast surgery. My goal is to provide the best surgical treatment available for women with breast cancer, and those with benign breast problems.

I also treat breast conditions that don’t need surgery, I evaluate patient for breast cancer risk and offer genetic testing for those patients that need it.
I love to educate and explain the disease process to my patients and their family or friends. I do this in order to empower them and help them make the best decision for their care which in turn will give them the best chance of cure with the best quality of life.
I am also interested in the latest medical advances and technologies that can help my patients. I keep up to date with the latest research in breast surgery and treatment options for both malignant as well as benign diseases.
I strive to deliver the best surgical care, and to help women with breast cancer and those at high risk for it.

Expert, Personalized Care

Breast Surgery Services

Breast Surgery Services

The breast surgery services that I offer include procedures that treat breast cancer as well as benign breast diseases. For breast cancer I perform breast conserving surgeries, also known as lumpectomies, partial mastectomies, or wide local excisions. When breast conservation is not possible I am very proficient in simple mastectomies, skin sparing mastectomies, and for patients that qualify, nipple sparing mastectomies. I closely collaborate with plastic surgeons who offer a variety of breast reconstruction options.

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For the assessment of the armpit (axilla), a necessary procedure for breast cancer staging, I perform sentinel lymph node biopsies (sampling the lymph nodes) and if needed axillary dissections (removing most of the lymph nodes of the armpit). For benign diseases I perform lumpectomies, cyst removals, skin punch biopsies and central duct excisions. With regards to surgical wounds: my preference is to use hidden scars wherever possible; this means making the incision in a place that allows the scar to be less visible after it heals. I also perform oncoplastic closure of lumpectomy sites which allows me to eliminate the defect created during lumpectomy and to restore the breast’s natural contour.

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Offices Info & Hours

Virtua Breast Care - Voorhees

Virtua Breast Care - Voorhees

200 Bowman Drive Voorhees, NJ, 08043

Phone: (856) 247-7515
Fax: (856) 247-7525

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